You've picked your greenhouse; you've customised it with your favourite colour and you've picked out the perfect staging, so you can start using it immediately.

But there's one thing left to consider: where are you going to place it?

There are several factors that will influence your decision. Here are the points that our experts recommend you consider:

  • Will it be close the house? This will make it easier to get out and care for your plants when then weather's bad.
  • Will you need electricity? For example, if you want to place heaters inside your greenhouse, it will be easier to hook up if it is nearer to your home.
  • Is there water nearby? Whether you're filling your watering can inside, or at an outside tap, you won't want to walk far to keep filling it up.
  • When is your main growing period? If you're growing all year round, or don't have a particular time in mind, orientate the apex from east to west. That way you'll capture the rays even when the sun is low in the sky. However, if you want to grow in the spring, for instance for fruit and vegetables, it's preferable to have the apex running north-south.
  • Can you access all sides? Ensure that there is access all the way around the greenhouse, so there's space for the vents to open and you can easily clean the glass.
  • Will your greenhouse be beneath a tree? Try to avoid this, so that your plants aren't in shade, and that leaves, sap and insects won't fall onto the glass, making it dirty.
  • Can you place your greenhouse near to a wall? This will shield it from the wind, while helping to retain heat.
  • Does the ground drain? Try to make sure that surface water runs away, so there isn't excess moisture in the air.
  • Do children play in your garden? Try keep the greenhouse away from areas where they may play ball games or run into the glass.

If you still have questions about the best position for your greenhouse, give us a call - we'd be happy to help.

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