Although aluminium tends to be the standard material for a greenhouse, wooden designs are also popular.

Aluminium-framed greenhouses are available in a variety of colours, as well as a natural silver finish, thanks to powder-coating. That means they can be tailored to your garden and are protected from the elements. 

Aluminium is also very light and casts very little shade, so your plants get all the sunshine they need.

One of biggest advantages is that aluminium frames tend to be cheaper than wooden, because they are more cost-effective to produce.

What about wooden frames?

Wooden greenhouse frames are more traditional and natural looking. And while they can be painted, because they are made of a natural material they need regular up-keep to avoid deterioration. If possible, opt for a pressure-treated hard wood, like red cedar, because this will be more durable than a soft-wood frame. 

Wood gives you the flexibility to fix hooks and shelving to your greenhouse frame, giving your more storage options than aluminium frames.

However, because they tend to be more bulky than aluminium, they may cast more shadow on the plants within your greenhouse.

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