The threat of a northern hemisphere winter is a worry for even the most casual of British gardeners.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your plants from frost and snow during the cold weather - even in a greenhouse.

Fabric, such as old bed sheets and blankets, can be used to form a protective layer around your plants. Horticultural felt is a great, specialist insulation material if you have particularly sensitive items. Just remember to take the felt off during the daytime, so your plants get access to daylight. 

You can also buy a greenhouse heater to keep the atmosphere at an ambient temperature. Invest in a thermometer if you don't have a thermostat, so you can keep the temperature stable.

If you do buy a heater, keep an eye on humidity. The heat could cause the air to become damp, encouraging mould, mildew and may cause plants to rot.

And don't forget to water your plants sparingly over the winter. Even though they won't need the same amount of water as they do in summer, they won't be able to take on rainwater, so pop out from time to time to keep the soil damp. 

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