In short, Rhino greenhouses are very strong. In fact, they're far stronger than most others.

The long answer is that they're stronger because of how we make them and their unique features.

  • The glass is held in place by glazing beads. This vinyl strip holds the glass in place more securely than the clips and caps used by other manufacturers.
  • Rhinos come with 4mm-strengthened glass as standard. This is 33% thicker than glass used by other manufacturers and can withstand even the worst British weather.
  • The aluminium sections are typically 25% thicker than other manufacturers too, which makes it much stronger and unlikely to distort. 
  • This is further strengthened by eave and ridge bracing to hold the frame in place.
  • Premium models have the most load-bearing sections. For example, a box-section eave with an integral gutter.
  • Plus, all models are strong enough to sit on firm compacted soil, whereas most other greenhouses need foundations.

We're so confident about the strength of our greenhouses, they all come with a 25-year guarantee, rather than the standard 10 offered by other companies.

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